About Us

Vista Behavioral Health Associates is one of the Pittsburgh area’s largest multi-specialty behavioral health practices. Our diverse staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and counselors works with adults, adolescents and children. We specialize in providing coordinated care, with multiple specialties conveniently located in most of our offices.

How We Can Help

Vista Behavioral Health Associates has developed a comprehensive range of specialty services to help clients deal with a variety of problems including:

  • Job stress/life stress
  • Current or childhood trauma
  • Emotional problems
  • Life transitions
  • Depression and mood problems
  • Emotional effects of physical illness
  • Anxiety, panic and phobias
  • Sexual minority issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Sexual assault
  • Family conflicts
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Parenting concerns
  • Pre-operative evaluations
  • Child and adolescent behavioral problems
  • Codependency and ACOA issues
  • Self-esteem issues

Initial Appointments

To determine how we can best meet your needs, please click here or call our new patient scheduling department at 412-641-7016 to schedule your first appointment.